If you've ever played or watched hockey, you know that's it's an intense, fast-paced, exciting, challenging sport.

All of which is true...

...But you're probably thinking of this kind of hockey:

Ice Hockey

Now, Imagine playing hockey in a 3-dimensional arena where the athletes are weightless!

Welcome to the Sport of Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey, or Octopush, as it is sometimes called, is a fast-paced, fun-filled sport for athletes of all ages. Unlike its on-ice counterpart, underwater hockey is a non-contact sport. While some jostling and bumping may occur, especially in competitive play, contact is generally not allowed, and focus is on fitness, teamwork and finesse.

Underwater hockey is played in a swimming pool by two teams of up to 10 players each (6 active and 4 substitutes). The puck is made of lead, with a brightly-colored plastic coating. Players use a short stick to push, pull and pass the puck in an attempt to get it into the opposing teams' goal located at the end of the pool. Players wear fins, masks and snorkels (but no SCUBA tanks) and make repeated dives to the bottom of the pool where the play occurs. The intensity of the pace generally makes long dives impractical, so the most effective strategies generally involve short, explosive efforts, precision teamwork and timing, and rapid cycling of all 10 players through the 6 active positions. There are no goal-keepers or off-sides rules, and goals are often scored on exciting, break-away plays or well-timed 2-against-1 or 3-against-2 attacks.

Ok, Ok... so that sounds great, but how do they.... I mean, what happens when... gosh!... I just can't picture it!

Fair enough... It is a bit hard to picture. Fortunately, we have video! Click one of the links below to see Colorado Underwater Hockey players in action!

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